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Software Consulting Services, LLC

For more than 30 years, Software Consulting Services, LLC (SCS) has been in the business of providing complete publishing, digital asset management and advertising systems for small, mid-sized and large metro newspapers. Over 500 newspapers use SCS software and services, and 39 of them are in the top 100 papers in the U.S.

ReserveAdBoss subscription pricing

ReserveAdBoss™ is available from SCS on a subscription basis. Our subscription program allows the use of ReserveAdBoss for a small monthly fee. We provide 3 subscription levels to choose from. Should you outgrow your current plan you can upgrade to the next level at any time.

Advertising Solutions
Editorial Solutions
DAM Solutions
Color Management Solutions
Making your workflow easier
SCS offers enterprise-wide and modular publishing solutions for advertising order entry and billing, edition design and ad dummying, classified pagination, production workflow and digital asset management.
Problem solving at lightning speed
The Scoop editorial system offers editorial, resource and workflow management. Scoop can be packaged and bundled to offer a solution that is tailored to your newspaper’s size and needs.
Scalable Digital Asset Management
FotoWare provides DAM solutions featuring scalability, convenience & automation. These solutions have been designed to handle large volumes of information and images and varied workflow structures.
Alwan CMYK Optimizer®
Alwan CMYK Optimizer® (ACP) is a unique solution that allows photographers, designers and agencies producing images and documents to control and normalize the color characteristics of their files before sending them to prepress or to print.